Medicine Hat ISCC

General Info
Parabolic trough - ISCC
1.00 MW
Construction start date: 
April 2013
Start date: 
November, 2014
Medicine Hat

Solar field

Solar Collector Assemblies - Trough: 
SkyFuel SkyTrough
Number of SCAs: 
Number of loops: 
Number of SCAs per loop: 
SCA length: 
115 m
Reflecting area: 
5 248 m²
Companies involved
Key components suppliers: 
Suppliers details: 
SkyFuel (Trough)
Worley Parsons (engineering firm)
Cascade Management of Saskatoon (project management)
$9 million
City of Medicine Hat
Alberta Government
Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation
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This $9 million solar thermal power project proposes to integrate solar thermal energy with one of the four combined cycle power blocks at the Medicine Hat plant. The proposed concept uses thermal energy from a parabolic trough collector field to generate steam; the solar steam is combined with the steam produced in the Unit 14 heat recovery steam generator, and the combined steam flow is directed to one, or both, of the existing 33 MW steam turbine generators.

Spring 2014
Construction is being finalized and the pre-commissioning phase of the project is being undertaken presently. The kettle boiler and super-heater exchangers are installed. Tie-in to one of the power plant's heat recovery steam generators is 99% completed. Approval for the project from the Alberta Boiler Safety Association is being awaited. It is expected the final approval from ABSA and the pre-commissioning phase will be completed by summer 2014 at which point in time the project will be commissioned.

September 2013
Construction is rapidly progressing on the concentrating solar thermal project. All 64 pilings have been erected, and work is continuing to install lattice cradles atop the pilings. Once all of the lattice cradles have been installed, the insertion of the parabolic trough surfaces into the cradles will begin.
The project is still on track to be completed later this year.

May 2013
Construction began on the concentrating solar thermal project and included an event to celebrate the start of construction.

An information sheet about the project was made available to the public at the event. Click here to view.

October 2012
A purchase order was issued to SkyFuel for solar collector assemblies. To this point, $1.2 million of the $9 million project budget has been spent. The site is expected to be commissioned in late 2013.

July 2012
After a public consultation process was undertaken by both parties, the Alberta Utilities Commission and Alberta Environment granted approval for the project, allowing it to proceed.

June 2011
City Council passed a motion regarding the selection of vendors for engineering and project management of the concentrating solar thermal energy project.

International company Worley Parsons was selected as the engineering firm. Cascade Management of Saskatoon was chosen to handle project management.

Worley Parsons has experience handling these types of initiatives, including some work with the Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center in Florida, which is one of the few worldwide that connects the technology with a gas-fired power plant, as will be the case in Medicine Hat.

Project management firm Cascade Management has experience with the City of Medicine Hat’s electrical generation system as they oversaw the purchase and installation of the LM6000 electric generators to the City’s power plant. The firm also assisted with funding applications and project plans for the City’s solar thermal initiative during the research and approval phases.

November 2010
The Province of Alberta committed to $3 million in provincial funding towards the Solar Steam Project at the City's Power Plant, funding derived from the province's portion of Canada's ecoTrust program. With this announcement, the project will now proceed with the next steps including the selection of an engineer, issuing a request for proposals and beginning site construction, which is scheduled to occur in Fall 2011.

June 2010
The Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) provided $3 million in provincial funding toward the Solar Steam Project at the City's Power Plant.

October 2009
Medicine Hat City Council has approved $3 million in funding for this one megawatt project subject to obtaining matching provincial and federal grants.


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