Zeenni Trading Agency CSP plant Bsarma El Koura

General Info
Zeenni Trading Agency
Parabolic trough
Steam generation
2.80 MW
Thermal power: 
2.80 MWth
Bsarma, El Koura

Solar field

Heat Transfer Fluid: 
Molten salts - sodium and potassium nitrates
HTF Temp in: 
HTF Temp out: 

Power block

Storage Y/N: 
Storage type: 
two tank direct - Molten salts
Solar resource: 
2 624 kWh/m2/yr
Solar resource source: 
Other info: 

Steam generated by the solar field will also be used to feed the existing steam turbines in the facility.

General comments:

UNFCC Clean Development Mechanism

The “Thermal Solar Plant Project at Zeenni Trading Agency; Bsarma El Koura, Lebanon” (hereafter referred as the Project), located in Bsarma El Koura, Lebanon, is implemented at the property of Zeenni Trading Agency & Industries (hereafter referred as the Project Owner).

The Project Owner is a Lebanese multi-products industrial active in particular in the fields of household products, shoe polish, potato pellets, packaging, cosmetics, plastics, tubes and detergents.

The purpose of the proposed project activity is to install a solar thermal power plant of 2.8 MW thermal to partially displace Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO).

Zeenni Trading Agency has undertaken a project activity which entails thermal energy generation using a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plant to be built beside the factory site while other industrials in the country produce thermal energy through fossil fuel oil (eg. HFO, Diesel...) in increasing quantities. Currently, the Project Owner takes all of its heat and electric demand through a captive power plant. There is no physical connection to the grid (since March 2008) and no consumption of grid electricity. Lebanese regulation does not provide incentives for Independent Power Producers feeding electricity to the grid (Feed-in tariff). The site of the company is located in the city of Bsarma in the region of El Koura.

The project will result in partially displacing HFO with solar energy for steam generation through the implementation of a solar heating system of 2.8 MW thermal. Thus, the project activity will result in net greenhouse gas emission reductions into the atmosphere.

The CDM project activity consists of replacing fossil fuelled based steam production system with a solar based steam production system. The project activity is first of its kind in the region and will use the latest state of the art and environmental friendly technology for power generation.

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