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Colloque solaire thermodynamique

19 November 2013
Paris, France

The Union of renewable energy and solar thermal industry (CSP ) will host the third edition of their conference Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013 .

The thermodynamic solar energy includes all techniques that transform the energy radiated by the sun into heat at high temperature. This thermal energy can then feed any industrial process heat consumers with medium or high in the first place , electricity generation temperature.

Resource potential in this area is important in areas where direct sunlight is intense. The latter are mainly in North Africa, the Middle East, Australia , South - western United States, India or Central Asia.

Development prospects of this renewable energy is considerable , as shown by the prospective scenarios established , inter alia, the International Energy Agency .

In France , some sites have these characteristics . The pilot operation of the Themis plant inaugurated in 1983 Targassonne in the Pyrenees , has allowed our country to be a pioneer in the field . Riches of this experiment, the French players in the industry , from SMEs to large groups present on the entire value chain, now have undeniable advantages to export their expertise and position in the international market .

They , at this stage , need government support to help them take place in a global market, already booming.

A key, the benefits in terms of economic, business , wealth and jobs , which will be all the more important that government support will be early : international competition is indeed running and it is urgent.