CSP Events

YES-DC Concentrated Solar Power

24 October 2013
Utrecht, Netherlands

Concentrated Solar Power, a term not frequently heard in the current energy landscape – yet  using the perpetual source of energy coming  from the sun might be a potential game changer in future energy conservation and mitigation strategies. During this evening you will be further enlightened about the current state of art of this assumed underdog in energy supply, with particularly potential for arid regions where direct sunlight is abundant. Furthermore, we will also discuss the  inherent co-benefits of CSP technologies.

Evening details
Date: Thursday 24 October 2013
Time: 19:00h
Location: Academiegebouw, Domplein, Utrecht

19:00 – Welcome

19:30 – Ed Roovers, Leading engineer CSP engineer at NEM Energy

20:15 – Gijs Stevers, Globe trotter who cycled from Cape to Cape and visited multiple CSP projects in Africa.

21:00 – Drinks


About the speakers

Ed Roover: NEM Energy
Ed Roovers is lead Engineer Solar Team at NEM Energy BV, one of the few companies in the Netherlands focussing on CSP. Ed will  tell us more about CSP techniques- and possibilities
Gijs Stevers
Gijs Stevers wanted to learn from people working in the renewable energy sector, a sector he wants to start working in himself. The best way he thought to gain experience was to going from Cape to Cape on an electric bicycle. During his journeyGijs has talkedwith the people who are working on our renewable energy future and share my learnings by giving workshops at secondary schools. During YES-DCs event Gijs will talk about his journey and the opportunities for CSP in developing countries.