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Promoter, Project developer, EPC

We clearly understand that the effort invested in an EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) project must be aimed at achieving certain basic objectives:

Establishing a plan for the development of the different phases in order to meet deadlines and completion dates.
Maintaining and complying with quality standards which guarantee that the project will be undertaken correctly.
Producing a precise evaluation of the investment, operating and management costs and adhering to them throughout the development of the project.
Thanks to the soundness of the group and its specialisation in different areas in construction and industrial maintenance, Abantia is able to develop all of its projects in a flexible and effective manner. Our structure provides us with:

A high capacity for developing engineering projects.
Precise systematics to coordinate the different phases which make up an engineering procurement and construction project.
The right team to organise or combine the undertaking of the various development, construction and execution activities which will give shape to the project.

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