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Abeinsa, Abengoa’s business unit dedicated to engineering, construction and concession-type infrastructure, focuses its activity on:

  • Engineering and construction: engineering, construction and maintenance of electricity generation plants, hydraulic and environmental infrastructures, as well as electrical, mechanical and instrumentation infrastructure for the energy, water, environmental, equipment, transportation and service sectors.
  • Concessions: Projects in the energy sector involving electrical power transmission and generation, in the water sector, and in singular building construction.
  • Abeinsa new horizons: hydrogen technologies, biomass, ocean power, energy efficiency, emissions management, and CO2 capture and valorization.
Contact data:
Campus Palmas Altas
C/ Energía Solar nº 1 Palmas Altas 41014 Sevilla
Phone: (+34) 954 93 70 00
Phone: (+34) 954 93 70 05
[email protected]
Link to website: Link