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Abener is a leading company in the field of engineering and construction for sustainable development. Our success is based on the application of innovative technological solutions, in new and emerging markets, contributing to sustainable development.

Abener specializes in turnkey projects and operates in three business areas:

Solar: Abener designs and builds electricity generation plants based on three types of solar-thermal technologies: tower, parabolic trough and solar-combined cycle hybrid plants. Total installed capacity: 650 MW.

Biofuels: Abener carries out turnkey projects to build plants that produce bioethanol and biodiesel from various kinds of biomass. Total installed capacity: 2.5 billion liters.

Conventional generation: This business area focuses on designing, engineering, building, operating and maintaining plants that produce power from biomass and natural gas, among other sources. Total installed capacity: 5 GW.

Contact data:
Abener Energía, S.A.
C/Energía Solar 1
Campus Palmas Altas
41014 -Sevilla (Spain)
Tel: (+34) 954 937 000


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