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AGC Solar


AGC Solar, worldwide know-how in solar glass

AGC Solar has a long history as a key player in the solar glass business. As part of the world leader in glass production, AGC benefits from the latest glass technologies to make renewable energy a success.

The company operates with plants in Europe, North America and Asia and produces glass solutions for three main solar applications: photovoltaic modules, thermal collectors and concentrating solar mirrors.

It aims for the highest production standards for increased performance and works through a worldwide network to serve its customers.

Its slogan "Empowering Solar Efficiency" says it all.

Solar mirrors are an intrinsic part of any Concentrating Solar Power technology. In all cases, high reflectivity and long durability are paramount.

For all technologies, AGC Solar provides extra clear glass (thick and thin) to leading solar mirrors manufacturers in order to maximize the energy reflection on the receiver.

For those technologies using such mirrors, AGC Solar builds on its experience as a glass and mirror manufacturer to also provide extra clear and extra thin mirrors to be adhesive-bonded a supporting structure.

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