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Alpha-E ApS is a manufacturer of parabolic troughs for CSP. Alpha-E produces and sells parabolic solar troughs for solar farms.

For the last 10 years Alpha-E owners has served highly positioned manufacturers in the renewables area with product development and automated production.

The Alpha-Trough is manufactured and patented by Alpha-E Aps.

It's developed through comprehensive research & analysis by a network of international engineers experienced in renwables.

The goal was to reduce cost within CSP by providing a more effective parabolic solar trough, that was easy to produce, transport, assemble and install for lower cost.

Improve CSP solutions to be more profitable investments. Making them attractive for more countries. Keeping the globe a great and healthy place to live on.


The Alpha-Trough sets new standards in CSP. Everything is lighter,
less expensive and easier to handle. Performance is increased at an even lower price.

With the Alpha-Trough comes the ability to:
- Build a 500.000 m² solar field in less than a year
- Generate > 500°C in receiver tube
- Produce both collectors and mirrors locally
- Reuse production lines in subsequent solar fields
- Reduce overall cost significantly (up to 30%)

The Alpha-Collector is lighter. Because of the self-containing mirrors less material is needed in the collector. Only 3 tons of flying weight is holding 105 m² of mirrors. This leads to less investment in material.

The Alpha-Trough generates more energy. The 8 meter width concentrates 28% more energy on the receiver tube than traditional solar troughs. This leads to > 500°C and incredible performance.

The Alpha-Trough is faster installed. Because of the modular design it only takes 2,5 days to install a complete trough - by 2 workers and a forklift. This leads to faster and cheaper establishment of solar fields.


Each Alpha-Trough is controlled independently by an electrical engine. The amount of troughs connected in a loop is flexible. The engines connect in an electrical axis. No drive pylon is used.

The Alpha-Trough comes with self-containing lightweight aluminium Alpha-Mirrors. The mirrors come with high-quality high-reflective film from either 3M or Reflectech applied.

Contact data:
Alpha-E ApS
Lumbyesvej 27 A
7000 Fredericia
Phone +45 76 204 426
Email: [email protected]



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