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The ALSOLEN company develops medium power thermodynamic solar power plants (up to 20 MWe) using the technology of Fresnel mirrors. These power plants called ALSOLEN use oil as heat-transfer fluid. This oil is heated at 300°Celsius and transfers its thermal energy to an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), which generates electricity via a turbine.

Development of high-power thermodynamic solar power plants (50 MWe and over) called ALSOLEN SUP is also close to completion. ALSOLEN SUP technology will directly generate superheated steam at 450°Celsius. ALSOLEN SUP plants will operate with a 3 stages thermal storage able to unstore superheated steam. ALSOLEN SUP technology will launch new innovations on the market and will also benefit from Alsolen innovations.

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6 rue Paul Baudry
75008 Paris
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