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Alstom continues to develop the broadest portfolio of renewable energy technologies to meet global needs

Alstom understands that renewable energy sources are an essential element of global power strategies for the 21st century. While renewables can not meet all of our electricity needs in this century, there is clear potential for dynamic growth from today’s usage levels. Incorporating renewable energy not only supports the power industry’s environmental goals, but also addresses national needs for energy security and independence.

Alstom is committed to providing a flexible portfolio of reliable, competitive technologies to capture the energy of the earth, wind, water and sun.

    Our technology development is focussed on improving availability, increasing the efficiency of energy conversion, and lowering construction and maintenance costs.
    Our integration and control solutions offer you the ability to manage renewables within a complex fleet

We offer the most advanced collection and tracking systems for CSP available on the market today.

Together with our 100 years’ heritage in power generation, expert project management and worldwide coverage, this means we can offer you everything from complete turn-key CSP plants to individual components for your solar power plant.

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