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Altermia Asesores Técnicos


The list of services we offer is the result of our accumulated experience in advising financial institutions, developers and investors in the various areas of the energy sector. Among other things, we offer:

    Contact between developers and financial institutions.
    Preparation of memorandum reports to apply for offers of financing.
    Performance of feasibility studies.
    Preparation of technical specifications and technical terms and conditions of supply.
    Tabulation of offers and estimates.
    Preparation and audit of energy resources: solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, biogas, etc.
    Due diligence on projects.
    Technical assistance on financing by Project Finance:
        technical and financial project assessment
        technical aspects of the main contracts
        analysis of technical hypotheses in relation to the project’s economic model
        supervision of building stage
        supervision of performance tests for provisional acceptance
        supervision of operations during the warranty period for final acceptance
    Independent technical assistance during mergers, acquisitions and divestment processes.
    Independent arbitration.
    Checking of warranties during operations stage.

Contact data:
Altermia Asesores Técnicos
C/Ibiza 35 8ºC
28009 Madrid
[email protected]
Tel.: 91 557 1656 - 91 557 1665
Fax: 91 557 1665



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