CSP Guide


Project developer, Engineering, O&M

AORA offers and markets applied ultra-high temperature concentrated solar power (CSP) technologies.

The company’s revolutionary solar power generation solution is the most advanced modular solar-hybrid system in the world, allowing uninterrupted, green power 24 hours-a-day to both grid-based and off-grid locations.

AORA’s Tulip solar-hybrid system uses a gas turbine that can operate on almost any alternative fuel when sunlight is not available, producing an uninterrupted utility grade power flow. This technology offers an unmatched combination of efficiency and location flexibility.

AORA’s commitment to pioneering advancements in the renewable energy sector has led the company to create solar power solutions that are designed to minimize impact on the environment. AORA’s modular system requires minimal water usage, less land consumption to generate more power and has the ability to recycle heat byproduct for both commercial and residential uses.

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