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Archimede Solar Energy

R&D, Project developer, Components, Engineering

Archimede Solar Energy, a company of Angelantoni Industrie Group S.p.A. is the only worldwide producer of commercially available receiver tubes for solar thermodynamic plants run with parabolic trough technology, which use sodium and potassium nitrates (molten salts) as their heat transfer fluid.

Thanks to a spectrum selective revolutionary coating process, created and developed by ENEA, Archimede Solar Energy’s receiver tubes maximize solar radiation absorption and minimize thermal loss, reaching temperature higher than 550°.

The company diversifies the activity with two other types of solar receivers working with oil, and direct steam DSG. Archimede Solar Energy’s leadership role in the market is sealed by the huge production capacity of the new manufacturing plant, that when operating at fully capacity, it will reach 140.000 tubes per year, an equivalent of 250 MW per year.

Contact data:
Villa San Faustino
06056 - Massa Martana (PG) – Italia
Ph. +39 075 895491
Fax +39 075 8954800



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