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The Australian Solar Thermal Energy Association (AUSTELA) was formed on 31 January 2011 as the industry body solely dedicated to solar thermal power generation in Australia. AUSTELA is dedicated to working collaboratively with existing solar, clean energy, research and other bodies to significantly improve the investment environment for solar thermal power generation in Australia.

AUSTELA is composed of some of the leading national and international industry players involved in solar thermal power development.

AUSTELA’S objectives are to increase opportunities for solar thermal power development in Australia by:
Presenting well informed insights to policy-makers and investment decision-makers on the economic and operational benefits of large- scale solar thermal power generation;
Improving confidence in solar thermal power technologies, drawing on international data and experience;
Informing transmission system design and investment rules to lead to a network structure that provides the best possible opportunities for large-scale solar thermal power supply at the lowest possible cost;
Ensuring an appropriate allocation of Government funds is directed to solar thermal power projects, particularly increased demonstration funding;
Enhancing access for Australian researchers and policy-makers to leading global research and experience in solar thermal power technology and project development, and
Establishing the platform for a strong and dynamic solar thermal energy industry in Australia, delivering value within Australia’s energy system and competing in the international market for solar thermal power.

Contact data:

Australian Solar Thermal Energy Association Ltd
ACN: 149 005 210
PO Box  R1134
Royal Exchange
NSW 1225, Australia

Tel: +61 2 8001 6360

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