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BCB Informatica y Control


BCB Informática y Control is a Spanish engineering company founded in Madrid in 1996, specialized in system integration in the fields of communications, automatic test equipments (ATEs), machine vision, industrial automation, instrumentation and data acquisition systems. Focusing in electronic systems, BCB is specialized in IT (mainly, phone and multimedia systems) and in automotive industries (CAN/ LIN buses, clusters, multimedia, durability tests, etc.). Also, BCB has worked in  R&D European (FP5 and FP7) and spanish projects.

About solar technologies, BCB has participated in the design and development of the first (and second) commercial thermosolar power plant based on tower in the world (PS-10 and PS-20 in Seville, Spain), and just now is working with Abengoa Solar, in a new CENIT Project (funded by CDTI) called CONSOLIDA.

Our company has developed an automatic calibration system for PS-10 (it generates 11 Mw) and PS-20 tower based concentrating solar power plants. The built system calibrates 624 heliostats in the case of PS-10 and 1.255 for PS-20 using machine vision. Each heliostat has a reflecting surface of 120 m2. These plants have been built by Abengoa Solar and its sister company Abener, in Sanlúcar la Mayor (located very close of Seville – Spain).

BCB has developed and customized a very innovating application based on Machine Vision for the capture, analysis and image treatment of the solar disc projection of the heliostats on the target situated under the receiver at the top of the tower of 165 m, in the case of PS-20.

Contact data:
BCB Informática y Control

C/ Fernando el Católico, 11. 28015 MADRID (SPAIN)
Ph:     +34 91 758 00 50.
Fax:   +34 91 541 84 17.



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