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SCHUBERT & SALZER IBÉRICA ® was created in March 1996 with the collaboration of the multinational Schubert & Salzer group as a Joint Venture, to have the power of a large multinational company but also to have the flexibility of an independent company, capable of taking decisions quickly with the freedom to be agile enough to give our clients the best service possible. Our Headquarters are based in El Puig, a village 15 kms north of Valencia in eastern Spain, which includes more than 1800m2 of offices and 3300m2 of palletized warehousing. Our offices include a conference room where we hold theoretical and practical training courses and an industrial laboratory for calibration and testing, so we can verify the quality of our products.

We also count on our regional offices in La Coruña Madrid, Sevilla, Galicia, Aveiro (Portugal) and Canary islands o cover all our clients in the whole Iberian peninsula, which gives our clients an even more personal and professional service. Since the creation of SCHUBERT & SALZER IBÉRICA ® we have had a technical department at the disposal of our clients to study any special industrial installation, and to offer advice and expert opinion in selecting or adapting the correct product for our clients requirements. The technical department also offers our clients technical assistance including onsite services and after sales support for anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula.

As manufacturers of high quality control Valves, we take very seriously the issue of quality and manufacture our products to ISO 9001 and complying with the new directive (PED 97/23 EC) for pumping systems.

Contact data:
Schubert & Salzer Iberica ®
Pol. Ind., I1, Travessa de Peralta, 5A
46540 El Puig (Valencia) España
T +34 961.473.161
F +34 961.473.170


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