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Carbon Reduction Ventures

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Carbon Reduction Ventures Pty Ltd (CRV) are developers of advanced and sustainable energy solutions, pursuing the integration of new and existing technologies to assist in the control of energy costs in industries and activities with high exposure to electricity and gas costs.

Commencing with the unique thermal storage technology of VirtualSolarTM, CRV is establishing a pipeline of cost competitive energy projects with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

The ability to offer controlled and predictable energy costs into many diverse markets, in a carbon and energy constrained future affords CRV a significant competitive advantage over other players in the market.

Renewable energy is often reliant on weather patterns to supply energy, which may not be compatible with a client or industry’s requirement. The integration of VirtualSolarTM overcomes the conventional limitations of renewable energy, by storing solar sourced heat to provide predictable outputs of constant temperature and pressure, independent of weather conditions and time of day, with up to 24hrs a day of output possible.

CRV has been founded by a team of experienced professionals with significant knowledge, expertise and experience in new-tech start-ups, intellectual property management, commercial and business development, and project development and execution.

Using the disruptive technology VirtualSolar TM heat storage, as a platform for creating hybrid projects will establish a point of difference between CRV and other renewable energy companies.

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Office: Suite 1/5 Ventnor Avenue,
West Perth 6005


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