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China Huadian Engineering

Engineering, Components

China Huadian Engineering Co., Ltd. (CHEC in abbreviation), a affiliated enterprise of China Huadian Corporation, plays an important role in developing engineering technology industry. Under the guidance of CHD‘s overall development strategy, CHEC has become a large stateowned enterprise with competitive advantage in the core business of high-tech products R&D and manufacturing, engineering design and EPC contracting, energy technology research and service.

CHEC is a high-tech enterprise specialized in new energy, integrated with Research and Development, Engineering Consulting, Engineering Design and EPC contracting of solar power technologies. It has undertaken national “863” and “973”topics in the field of solar power, and has established the cooperation relationship with international Corporation which have possessed first class new technology, new process equipments’ manufacture. It has obtained dozens of patent utilized in solar thermal technologies. It has already participated into Research and Development, design and construction of first solar thermal power demonstration project in China, and owned a trough solar thermal power generational experimental base. Furthermore, it is also engaged into the construction of national “Golden Sun Project” and the development of large scale solar thermal generational demonstration power plant.

CHEC are dedicated to Research and development, industrial development of biomass technologies with high efficiency energy saving and environmental friendly. Its business scope is involved the utilization of urban or rural organic waste for power generation and biogas power generation. It has possessed the patens for biogas power, integrated treatment of organic waste, the utilization of sludge incineration of power generation. These technologies can transform the biomass into a clean and high efficiency green energy.

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