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Although being a young company, Cleanergy has in short time turned into one of the world’s leading energy solution providers based on the Stirling technology, and the company is today well prepared to meet the increasing international demands of green energy production.

Based in Sweden, the company headquarters is located in Gothenburg with a sales branch in Stockholm. The engine assembly plant, with a state-of-the art engine production line, is situated in Åmål. Moreover, Cleanergy has formed strong partner relationships with marketing and technology companies in for example Russia, China and Canada.

Cleanergy is well equipped to meet the increasing demand for commercially proven Stirling engines with the new engine assembly plant, inaugurated in December 2010.

Situated in the automotive cluster in western Sweden, where there is a long tradition of automotive manufacturing, provides optimal conditions for the collaboration with technologically advanced component suppliers as well as access to highly skilled employees.

The assembly plant uses the latest production techniques which ensure a consistent high quality of Cleanergy’s advanced Stirling engine whilst minimizing overall production costs.
The current production capacity is adapted to manage annual volume of several thousand units. Standardized working methods are also designed to not only ensure consistent quality, but also to enable duplication and expansion of the assembly line to quickly increase capacity in order to adapt to increasing demand.

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Theres Svenssons gata 15
417 55 Göteborg

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