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Condorchem envitech


Condorchem Envitech is an environmental engineering firm providing water, effluent and air emissions treatment solutions for a wide range of industrial activities, including power generation plants, MSW landfills, as well as gas and oil extraction and mining.

Our services include:
Feasibility studies.
Laboratory testing and analysis
Implementation of engineering solutions.
Pilot plants for industrial tests.
Turnkey facilities.
After-sales technical assistance.
Preventive/scheduled maintenance.
Re-engineering of projects and existing plants.

We offer our clients comprehensive environmental project solutions covering the following services: analysis, planning, design, construction, installation, maintenance and supply of plants and capital goods for waste treatment.

Ever since the inception of our company, we have promoted the implementation of the best available technologies aimed at achieving zero discharge. For this purpose, we have a broad catalog of technologies, so as to ensure our clients are offered the best solutions for their specific needs.

We have offices located in Europe, having our headquarters in Barcelona (Spain), United States and Mexico. In addition, our company has sales representatives in several countries across South America and the Maghreb.

Contact data:
Gregal, 7 - P.I. Buvisa
08338 - Premià de Dalt

+34 937547705
[email protected]