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CTAER is a Technology Centre for Renewable Energies, since its beginnings at the end of  2007, has devised and executed research projects aimed at developing new technologies, testing already existing ones and providing the necessary scienti¬c tools to optimize the exploitation of renewable energy resources.

The projects carried out by the CTAER focus mainly on performance optimisation, environmental impact reduction, and cost e ciency for technologies related to the basic renewable energy resources; solar radiation, wind, biomass and marine.

What are the main projects currently being undertaken?

  • Solar: Our projects aim at developing new concepts for Solar Thermoelectric Plants in order to improve the overall performance of commercial plants.
  • Biomass: Biomass  includes physico chemical and well equipped energy laboratories. It also has a bench of biomass boilers which will be increased from 50 KW to 500 KW. These facilities turn us into a national reference for the companies of this sector.
  • Wind and Marine: We plan experiment facilities and onshore and offshore measures. Specifically in Tarifa (Cádiz). We find in a collection of signatures process about a collaboration agreement with another foundation specializing in the study of birdlife and impacts on the landscape.

What services do we offer?

  • Innovative demonstration projects in collaboration with other companies.
  • Self – developed research projects.
  • Performance certification (for components, systems, materials etc)
  • Private studies and consulting.

Where is CTAER located?

The head office is located in the Tabernas Desert, bounding by Almeria Solar Platform  to the north. They make up the biggest place related to this kind of system about research and development. CTAER disposes of a 100 ha area for it research projects in concentrated solar energy.

Our Biomass testing facilities are  carried out in the technological park GEOLIT, located in Menjíbar, Jaén (Spain), and include a laboratory for the physical chemical characterization of biomass as well as a test bench for biomass boilers.

Contact data:
Paraje los Retamares S/N
04200 Tabernas -Almería

Oficinas auxiliares:

Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Almería (PITA)
Tlf. (+34) 950 10 45 46
Fax (+34) 950 21 43 61
Correo electrónico: info[arroba]ctaer.com
Link to website: Link