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Desertec stands for the vision of a sustainable energy supply from the deserts all over the world. Dii is a private industrial consortium working towards enabling this vision in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EUMENA). The power generated from sun and wind is intended primarily to meet the local demand of the producer countries, but could also be exported to Europe. The overall objective of Dii is to create a market for renewable energy from the deserts.

Desertec should be perceived as the development of numerous individual projects in the field of power generation and transmission and a suitable regulatory framework which will evolve over the coming years and decades.

Contact data:
Head Office Germany
Dii GmbH
Kaiserstr. 14
80801 München
Tel.: + 49. 89. 340 7705-0
Fax: + 49. 89. 340 7705-11



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