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We rely on energy to power our way of life. As the population grows, we face a critical crossroads between consumption and conservation. Dow works collaboratively to develop solutions that make traditional energy sources more efficient and environmentally friendly while also providing solutions that support new efficient, clean energy use all over the world. From lighter, more aerodynamic materials that improve the performance for cars, trains, and wind turbines to materials that utilize renewable energy to more efficiently power homes and trucks, Dow is helping make the future brighter for everyone.
Capturing Power from the Sun
With Dow Heat Transfer Fluids in Concentrated Solar Power
The Dow Chemical Company is meeting the demand for technologically advanced heat transfer fluids needed to support the rapid growth of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) worldwide.
Dow combines the world’s leading high temperature heat transfer fluid technology with global-scale production capacity and the industry’s foremost supply chain capabilities to deliver the high volumes of fluid required for major CSP installations, within tight timeframes and to the most remote locations.
The leaders in the CSP industry have made Dow fluids the preferred heat transfer fluids for projects world-wide. Today Dow fluids are used in systems generating hundreds of MW of power!
Learn more about Dow in Spain by visiting the website of our Spanish subsidiary, Dow Ibérica.

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