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Engineering, Consulting

We are a company which is specialised on the main core competences and challenges of complex power projects.

We are focussing on the key elements of big and middle-sized projects, such as e.g. project development support for financing a project and evaluation of projects. On the basis of our experience we are capable to structure and present projects in such way that project developer are taken seriously by investors and power utilities. At the same time we identify the main items for the further development and are therefore supporting the project development.

Before we bring the resources of our company in a project we make a thorough check of the project. We offer such checks as well to interested parties and investors for their "due diligence". We don't work on projects when we don't believe in their success - the acceptance of an offer from us gives you already a positive signl if your project might be successful at the end.

The support of investors and power utilities with active operative project steering, but as well project management during execution are prerequisites that good projects will become a success.

Our engineering services are done on the know-how level, mainly technology development and basic engineering. For detail engineering services we use the support and the cooperation of partner companies.

Special projects require  special solutions - and a competent and efficient project execution.

Contact data:
Pleidelsheimer Str. 47 / A
74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen
Phone +49 (7142) 78877-10
Fax +49 (7142) 78877-28
Email [email protected]

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