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At Exoès, we believe that electricity production should always be done in responsible fashion: our only fuel is heat which has already been produced.

Founded in 2009 after two years of research, Exoès is a company permanently focussed on innovation, and a winner of the Young Innovative Business award. Our founding principle was the simple idea that waste or useful heat should be transformed into electricity, and we have developed expertise and unique products in this field.

Placing technology in the service of energy savings.

Exoès was created by three engineers, Arnaud Desrentes, Rémi Daccord and Thiébaut Kientz. The company initially specialised in the design and manufacture of heat to electricity conversion systems for the solar concentration field.

Three years later and as the price of fuel had reached record levels, it became obvious for the company to transfer its heat recovery activity to internal combustion engine vehicle exhausts.

The observation made was as follows: a combustion engine loses more than 36% of the fuel introduced into the tank in the form of heat, removed through the exhaust. At a time when energy sources are increasingly rare and expensive, such a lack of efficiency contributes to global warming and to energy insecurity.

The system, developed internally by the company, is named EVE - Energy via Exhaust. The principle consists in recovering heat to convert it to electricity.

EVE is based on a Rankine cycle, a proven and efficient technology. Exoès' challenge was to miniaturise this process, consisting in vaporising a pressurised fluid to operate the piston engine driving an alternator.

Exoès won the 2010 Ministry of Research Competition, along with many other prizes awarded since the company was created.

SHAPE combines the advantages of solar resources with the efficiency of the Rankine cycle. Our system produces electricity day and night by using the heat produced by the solar collectors and retained in thermal storage.

SHAPE is particularly well-suited for use on an isolated site thanks to its original positioning on a range of power levels, from 1 to 100 electrical kW.

The production of electricity from solar energy 24 hours a day without batteries is now possible at an affordable price.


Parabolic through

Shape is compatible with all concentrated solar power procedures thanks to its great flexibility: 

Leaf Parabolic troughs

Leaf Fresnel mirrors

Leaf Concentrated Solar Power Tower

Leaf Vacuum tube collectors

Leaf Parabolic dishes

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