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FLABEG FE GmbH, 100% owned by the Saudi-Arabian ACWA Holding (a MENA leader in infrastructural development specializes in the power and water sectors), is the global leading developer and manufacturer of solar mirrors for CSP and CPV.

Due to the long-standing experience (more than 130 years) in the use of most modern bending and coating technologies, the company is able to produce solar mirrors with a focus deviation (FDx) lower than 6 mm and an energy reflection of more than 94.5%.

The extremely robust mirrors were installed in the first commercially operated power stations in the early 80s. These mirrors are still in daily operation today, without any decline in performance or efficiency. FLABEG FE has been expanding its skills in the area of engineering services and project development support in parabolic trough technology.

The company has developed a new collector design - the Ultimate Trough Collector. The design goal, a 20-25% higher cost efficiency compared to currently available technology is proven in a full demo-loop, integrated and operated in a commercially operating solar thermal plant in the US since 2013.

FLABEG FE received the SolarPaces Technology Innovation Award for the Ultimate Trough 2013.

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