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Primary business of GeoModel Solar is in site qualification, planning, financing and operation of solar energy systems. We are committed to increase efficiency and reliability of solar technology by provision of expert consultancy, access to our databases and development of customer-oriented services.

The Company builds on 20 years of expertise in geoinformatics and environmental modelling, and 10 years in solar energy and photovoltaics. We strive for development and operation of high-resolution quality-assessed global databases with focus on solar resource and energy-related weather parameters. We develop simulation, management and control tools, map products, and web services for fast access to key information needed for efficient system planning, performance assessment, forecasting and management of distributed power generation.

Contact data:
GeoModel Solar s. r. o.
Pionierska 15, 831 02 Bratislava, Slovakia
tel: +421 2 492 12 491
fax: +421 2 492 12 423
email: contact(at)geomodel.eu



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