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GlassPoint Solar

Project developer, Technology supplier

GlassPoint manufactures solar steam generators for the oil and gas industry worldwide. GlassPoint systems are designed specifically to operate in harsh oilfield environments and deliver class-leading price-performance. With headquarters in Fremont, California, regional offices in Bakersfield, California, Shenzhen, China and Muscat, Oman, GlassPoint is leading the commercial deployment of solar enhanced oil recovery (EOR) globally.

The energy industry is at a crossroads. With production from existing reservoirs declining and the cost of finding and developing new reserves growing exponentially, it is more important than ever to maximize production from existing resources.

GlassPoint’s solar steam generators provide customers in the oil and gas industry with the most cost-effective source of thermal energy for EOR. The result:

  • Save valuable natural gas resources
  • Generate jobs and boost economic development
  • Reduce carbon emissions and achieve regulatory compliance
Contact data:
46485 Landing Parkway
Fremont, CA 94538
Main +1 (415) 778-2800
Fax +1 (415) 762-1966
[email protected]



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