Dii leaves Europe and moves to Dubai

02 January 2015

Dii ha announced it is moving its base from Munich to Dubai after five years developing the "the first part of its long term mission: creating together with all relevant stakeholders the conditions for desert power in MENA and its integration into the power markets of MENA and Europe".

Dii, which was once a part of the Desertec project says the next part of its long term mission will be to dedicate attention to the emerging energy projects and grid extensions on the ground in MENA and possible connections/exchanges between the MENA and European markets.

The industrial organization has been losing partners since the beginning, and now only three companies are the current shareholders, namely ACWA Power (Saudi Arabia), SGCC (China) and RWE (Germany). Although their website still showcases about 20 partners, including E.ON, Abengoa, First Solar or Deutsche Bank among others an 17 associated partners,

The aim for the Desertec vision that led to the set up of the Desertec Foundation and Dii (formerly known as the Desertec Industrial Initiative) was to interconnect Europe and Northern Africa to harness and share renewable energy sources from large hydro facilities in Northern Europe and the huge solar resources in Northern Africa, a project that was highly criticized as too much ambitous and financially unfeasible.

The organization says in a statement  this “New Dii” will be solely committed to a ‘no nonsense’ focus on improving conditions for concrete RE projects in MENA and on preparations for long term exchanges between related power markets (which may ultimately lead to a significant delivery of relatively cheap electricity by MENA countries to Europe). "We will establish a circle of engaged companies sharing hands-on wind-, solar-, grid- and market-expertise and will, thus, ensure continuity of our well known annual conferences and other events", the statement says.

Dii leaves Europe and moves to Dubai
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