Brenmiller Energy to build a 10 MW CSP plant in Israel

17 March 2015

Brenmiller Energy plans to build a 10 MW Concentrated Solar Power plant with a 20-hour energy storage system.

The 300 million shekel ($77.27 million) project would be built on a 110 acres (45 hectare) site in the desert town of Dimona in southern Israel.

The plant would feature Brenmiller's innovative underground thermal energy storage system coupled with parabolic trough receivers.

The company expects the plant to be complete by early 2017. It has been reported the plant could add a biomass boiler.

According to Reuters, a spokesman said Brenmiller Energy will fund the 10-megawatt project itself, in part to help promote the system to clients worldwide.

Avi Brenmiller, the founder of Brenmiller Energy is a pioneer in the CSP industry. He co-founded Solel, one of the first companies in the world to produce parabolic trough solar fields and receiver tubes, which was bought by Siemens in 2009 and then sold to RioGlass Solar in 2014 after Siemens announced its withdrawal from solar energy business.

bCell™ Technology

The bCell™ System is based on the bCell™ module (the core technology), a solar steam boiler producing regulated and controlled steam, at standard turbine conditions (500°c 100 bar and more). The bCell™ is comprised of a solar field and an Energy Center, where the heat from the solar field is initially stored and then released as steam directly into the turbine inlet. This one-way process, allows for the Energy Center to act as a “buffer” between the solar field and the power block, eliminating integration complexity and allowing full dispatchability of the sun heat. Each bCell™ is an independent module with its own solar field and an underground Energy Center, producing 1.5MWe – 2.25MWe equivalent of steam, on a 12 hours daily average. The number of bCell™s used in the bCell™ System is determined in accordance with the customer’s required output, providing greater flexibility and the possibility of a gradual implementation over time.

bCell™ System – Energy Exactly When You Need It

Brenmiller Energy has developed the bCell™ System – a modular solar steam generation product for power & steam applications – a new concept providing real dispatchable energy at competitive prices. The bCell™ System is based on an innovative Energy Center, a multifunctional ALL-IN-ONE Heat Storage & Steam Generator. This enables the production of stable and continuous steam, regardless of solar irradiation variations, exactly when you need it whether day or night. The bCell™ System is designed for high availability, rapid deployment and easy maintenance. It is scalable and can provide customized solutions to various energy demands.

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