STT commissions the first heliostat field in Saudi Arabia

17 April 2015

Solar Tower Technologies (STT) announces the successful commissioning of the very first heliostat field in Saudi Arabia. The heliostat field consisting of 66 heliostats, 8 m2 reflector area each, has been installed and successfully commissioned within 3 weeks at the solar tower test site of the King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Prof. Dr. Hany Al-Ansary from King Saud University stated: “The heliostats from Solar Tower Technologies show the high quality we expected to achieve the high level of concentration required to achieve the targeted high temperatures of more than 700°C in our receiver. Both the quality of the image and the precision of tracking even at high wind exceed the quality of heliostats I have seen in other commercial installations.”

“The quality of the components and the robust design of the STT-heliostat has proven to be the right approach for such an installation” adds Dr. Philipp Schramek, CTO of STT. “The proprietary heliostat field control system based on a joint development with Bosch Rexroth allows precise control and calibration of the heliostat field and is suitable for fields with several thousands of heliostats“

Besides the 8 m2 heliostat installed in Riyadh, STT offers as well a 17 m2 heliostat for solar tower plants in MW-range based on the same technology.

Both heliostat technologies and the heliostat field control system are available to interested parties.

STT commissions the first heliostat field in Saudi Arabia
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