CSP Library

List of available documents about CSP
Title Date released:
CPI Webinar: How to deploy CSP and reduce its costs September 2014 Video
A review about solar thermal power technology and its use in India September 2014 Markets reports
The Role of Public Finance in CSP. How Spain created a world-leading industry then shattered investor confidence August 2014 Markets reports
The Role of Public Finance in CSP – Rajasthan Sun Technique 100MW CSP plant, India March 2014 Markets reports
Thematic Research Summary on Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) February 2014 R&D reports/studies
Estimating the Performance and Economic Value of Multiple Concentrating Solar Power Technologies in a Production Cost Model February 2014 R&D reports/studies
Breaking the solar gridlock. Potential benefits of installing concentrating solar thermal power at constrained locations in the NEM February 2014 Markets reports
FreeGreenius February 2014 Other resources
SOLAR-ERA.NET Transnational Calls PV2 and CSP2 January 2014 Tenders & Funding Opportunities
Renewable Resource Atlas of Saudi Arabia December 2013 R&D reports/studies
Secure Project Financing in South Africa December 2013 Video
South Africa Integrated Resource Plan for Electricity 2010-2030 November 2013 Markets reports
Development of Local Supply Chain | The Missing Link for Concentrated Solar Power Projects in India November 2013 Markets reports
EASY: hEliostats for eAsy & Smart deploYment September 2013 Video
Land-Use Requirements for Solar Power Plants in the United States August 2013 R&D reports/studies
Thermal Performance Prediction of a Trapezoidal Cavity Absorber for a Linear Fresnel Reflector July 2013 R&D reports/studies
Assesment of the localisation, industrialisation and job creation of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) infrastructure projects in South Africa – a 2030 vision for CSP June 2013 Markets reports
Leading the Energy Transition: Concentrating Solar Power factbook June 2013 Other reports
Fulfilling the Promise of Concentrating Solar Power May 2013 Other reports