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Leading the Energy Transition: Concentrating Solar Power factbook

Publishing date: June 2013

About SBC Energy Institute

The SBC Energy Institute, a non-profit organization founded in 2011 at the initiative of Schlumberger Business Consulting (SBC), is a center of excellence for scientific and technological research into issues pertaining to the energy industry in the 21st century. Through its unique capability to leverage both Schlumberger’s technological expertise and SBC’s global network of energy leaders, the SBC Energy Institute is at the forefront of the search for solutions to today’s energy supply challenges. It is overseen by a scientific committee comprised of highly experienced individuals in the areas of natural and applied sciences, business, and petroleum engineering.

About Leading the Energy Transition series

“Leading the energy transition” is a series of publicly available studies on low-carbon energy technologies conducted by the SBC Energy Institute that aim to provide a comprehensive overview of their development status through a technological and scientific prism.

About the Concentrating Solar Power factbook

This factbook seeks to capture the current status and future developments of Concentrating Solar Power, detail the main technological hurdles and the areas for Research and Development, and finally analyze the economics of this technology.

This factbook has been reviewed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Pitz-Paal, Co-Director of the Institute of Solar Research from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and his team.

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