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MED-CSD Combined solar power and desalination plants: Techno-economic potential in Mediterranean Partner Countries

Publishing date: May 2010

The MED-CSD project has aimed to carry out feasibility studies of combined concentrated solar power and desalination plants in five countries (Cyprus, Egypt, Italian Islands, Morocco, and Palestinian National Authority). In the first place, a complete review of technology options has been elaborated and a comprehensive methodology to carry out the feasibility study has been developed. In parallel, an assessment of water demand and deficit as well as of electricity demand has been conducted for each country. Derived from these assessments, markets potential scenarios for CSP desalination and generation have been performed. Finally, the socio-economic impact of a broad dissemination of the CSP water desalination has been carried out.

The project’s results give information to decision makers for the establishment of a favourable framework for the deployment of concentrated solar power and desalination plants through the techno-economic analyses of potential projects conducted. The main results and conclusions of the feasibility studies are synthesized in the Action Plan (Deliverable 4.2) of the project. This Action Plan contains also recommendations for a large scale deployment of the MED-CSD concept.

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