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Pre-feasibility study for the establishment of a pre-commercial concentrated solar power plant in Namibia

Publishing date: September 2012

The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Institute (REEEI) at the Polytechnic of Namibia, on behalf of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) and with support from the Energy and Environmental Program with Southern and East Africa (EEP S&EA), sought technical services on a pre-feasibility study for the establishment of a pre-commercial concentrated solar power plant in Namibia.

The awarded consortium was headed by GESTO Energy Consulting, from Portugal, and included Solar Consulting Services, from the United States of America, Solar - Institut Jülich and CSP Services GmbH (Concentrating Solar Power Services, a spin-off from German Aerospace Agency), both from Germany, and the local company Consulting Services Africa. The consortium team included reputable experts, such as Chris Gueymard, Christian Faber, Eckhard Lüpfert, Norbert Geuder, Antoine Bittar, Agostinho Miguel Garcia and Miguel Barreto. Additionally, the Solar irradiation satellite data was provided by Geomodel, from Slovakia.

Furthermore, in this pre-feasibility study for the establishment of a pre-commercial solar power plant in Namibia several points had to be investigated, as follows:

  • (i) Namibian electricity sector overview
  • The economic and development context, namely, the background and future expectations, has been further explored to highlight the full picture of the Namibian Electrical Supply Industry.
  • (ii) Nation-wide solar resource assessment
  • Coupled with the available satellite irradiation data, a specific AOD (Aerosols Optical depth) analysis has been performed to generate new data and increase the accuracy as well as to develop the new Solar Atlas of Namibia.
  • (iii) Site selection and environmental analysis – Top 5 sites
  • A GIS (Geographical Information System) study based on local data to identify suitable locations for CSP development, 20 site inspections and validation allowed to rank the sites, providing the 5 most suitable sites for developing CSP projects.
  • (iv) CSP high level technology review, power plant layout and basic engineering for the top 5 sites
  • CSP technologies overview coupled with selection of technologies for site specific conditions, basic engineering and simple layout of the power plants, and financial analysis for the top 5 sites.
  • (v) Best practices on solar ground measurements
  • Best-practices sharing to enable the development, operation and maintenance of a network of ground measurement stations that guarantees solar resource meaningful statistical data.
  • (vi) CSPdevelopment in Namibia and Technology Transfer Program
  • Definition of the business models for the development of CSP and Renewable Energies to cater Namibia’s current and future power needs. Development of a program to develop the CSP industry in Namibia and provide opportunities for skills development and job creation associated with the CSP chain value.
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