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A review about solar thermal power technology and its use in India

Publishing date: September 2014

Generally energy is available in two forms i.e. non renewable and renewable energy sources. Several environmental issues are related with the use of conventional energy sources like coal, petroleum and natural gas and different type of advantages or benefits offered by non conventional energy sources like solar, wind and small hydro included. Solar technology from history point of view is very old i.e. from 7th century B.C. to today. But in recent years the attention is more focussed on solar energy for generate electricity. Solar energy help us to reduce the use of fossil fuel. Solar technology is a pollution free technology, so this technology is called by green technology. Solar energy can be used in two ways one of which is solar photovoltaic and another one is solar thermal and this paper is based on the review of solar thermal energy and sustainable developments in area of solar thermal power systems in India.

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