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SOLAR-ERA.NET Transnational Calls PV2 and CSP2

Publishing date: January 2014

The SOLAR-ERA.NET is a FP7 funded European network of national and regional research and technology development (RTD) and innovation programmes in the field of solar electricity generation, i.e. photovoltaics (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) / solar thermal electricity (STE).

The SOLAR-ERA.NET aims to contribute to achieving the objectives of the Solar Europe Industry Initiative (SEII) through carrying out the coordination and support actions for the implementation of the SEII between national and regional RTD and innovation programmes. The SEII is embedded in the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) which aims to increase, coordinate and focus EU support on key low-carbon energy technologies in order to achieve the Europe’s 2020 energy objectives in the future. The SEII is a joint initiative of the industry sector, EC and member states. The objective of the SEII is to boost the development of the PV and CSP sector beyond “business-as-usual” in the areas of Research and Development, Demonstration and Deployment. For the concerned solar electricity technologies, Implementation Plans have been developed; setting out priorities for RTD in Europe.

The goal of SOLAR-ERA.NET is to deliver joint strategic planning, programming and activities for RTD and innovation in the area of solar electricity generation. Joint activities, namely joint transnational calls, will be defined for key topics and priorities in accordance with the Solar Europe Industry Initiative (SEII).

Scope and Structure of the SOLAR-ERA.NET Transnational Calls PV2 and CSP2

The general scope of the SOLAR-ERA.NET transnational calls are to: i) seek new and complementary RTD and innovation projects in the field of solar electricity technologies; ii) to strengthen the international collaboration in the field of solar power RTD and innovation, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of regional and national programmes; and iii) to contribute both to European industry competitiveness and to its innovation capability

The following topics are within scope of the second transnational call: SOLAR-ERA.NET transnational call PV2:

PV2.1 Innovative processes for inorganic thin-film cells & modules PV2.2 Dedicated modules for BIPV design and manufacturing

PV2.3 Grid integration and large-scale deployment of PV

PV2.4 High-efficiency PV modules based on next generation c-Si solar cells

PV2.5 Solar glass and encapsulation materials

PV2.6 Concentrator PV technology

PV2.7 Si feedstock, crystallization and wafering

SOLAR-ERA.NET transnational call CSP2:

CSP2.1 Cost reduction and efficiency increase in components

CSP2.2 Dispatchability through storage and hybridisation

CSP2.3 New fluids for CSP plants

CSP2.4 Innovative thermodynamic cycles

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