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Solar Thermal Electricity in China in 2011 and future outlook

Publishing date: July 2012

The main purpose of this document is to carry out a study for ESTELA1 (European Solar Thermal Electricity Association) of the solar thermal electricity sector in China in 2011 and its future outlook in order to cover:

  • Potential of the country
  • Initiatives in progress and
  • The stakeholders in the CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) field in China from project developers to engineering companies and manufacturers.

This report shows updated information of the Chinese CSP market, the latest document released in July 2012. The report covers widely from the global energy situation, policy framework, Solar Thermal DNI Potential, research and development, projects developments steps, to key Chinese players in the solar thermal electricity market, as well as the situation of the different provinces in terms of solar thermal potential and the Grid in China.

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