CSP Library

List of available documents about CSP
Title Date released:
CTAER research facilities for solar thermal energy December 2012 Video
Draft Policy Document on JNNSM Phase-II December 2012 Markets reports
RfP for setting up 50 MW solar thermal projects of total capacity 100 MW in Rajasthan November 2012 Tenders & Funding Opportunities
IRENA - Renewable Power Generation Costs November 2012 Markets reports
Areva Fresnel collector with molten salts October 2012 Video
Pre-feasibility study for the establishment of a pre-commercial concentrated solar power plant in Namibia September 2012 Markets reports
San Giorgio Case Studies: Ouarzazate I August 2012 Other reports
Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage with Embedded Heat Pipes for Concentrating Solar Power Applications July 2012 R&D reports/studies
Solar Thermal Electricity in China in 2011 and future outlook July 2012 Markets reports
Variable Geometry Solar Test Facility for Central Receiver Systems July 2012 Video
Energy 101: Concentrating Solar Power July 2012 Video
Concentrated Solar Power for Lebanon - Techno-economic Assessment June 2012 Markets reports
Renewable Energy Cost Analysis - Concentrating Solar Power June 2012 Other reports
CSP Facts & Figures June 2012 101: CSP basics
The 'must-have' links about CSP April 2012 101: CSP basics
Implementation Strategy for a Global Solar and Wind Atlas April 2012 Other reports
Sunshot's CSP fact-sheet April 2012 Other resources
NREL's US CSP resource maps April 2012 Other resources
SolarReserve's Power Tower Technology April 2012 Video
People’s Republic of China: Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Development - Technical Assistance Consultant's Report January 2012 Markets reports